Product Overview

What is it?

Rubaroc is a durable seamless non-slip surfacing product which has been used world-wide for over three decades. It is comprised of high quality EPDM rubber granules and binder, which adhere to your existing substrate, eliminating the need for messy tear outs of your old surface. Design work such as borders and logos can be incorporated by our experienced installers to accent your surface. Because Rubaroc is comprised of rubber granules, it will flex, expand and contract with shifts in our climate's temperatures. This property eliminates risks of cracking unlike other surfacing options. The end result is a non-slip surface that is comfortable to walk on in bare feet and is visually appealing. It's features also include impact absorbing, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and it is uv stable.

A friend to the environment.

Rubber surfacing is in most cases installed over top of old surfaces, eliminating the need to tear out and dispose of materials used in the original surface. We use our systems to repurpose the old surface as a base, then after it is prepped we install the rubber surfacing right over top of the old surface. Not only do you save in disposal costs, but keeping your old surface out of landfills makes you a friend to the environment.

The application possibilities are endless...

We can provide you with a comfortable, safe and non-slip surface suitable for indoor or outdoor applications with a fast turn-around time. Most installations take only a day or two to install with a drying time of 24-48 hours after, while maintaining a clean work area unlike other surfacing options. No need for jack-hammers or heavy equipment. We can surface right over nearly any damaged surface you can think of. It stays strong during the winter season and you can even shovel or use a snow blower on it. Rubber surfacing is even comfortable on the feet and does not get as hot in the sun as other surfaces tend to. Easy to maintain, can be pressure washed up to 600 psi.


Pool Decks

Soft on bare feet and acts like a giant bath mat around your pool, no matter how wet it gets it stays non-slip. It's one of the best solutions on the market for those old, uneven and cracked pool decks.

Garage Floors

Non-slip and comfortable to work on. This surface is not only durable but helps absorb impact. Our non-porus application is great for easy cleaning of spills and dirt.

Porches and Steps

Turns slippery stairs and landings into a non-slip walking surface, while updating the look.

water park surfacing

Splash Pads and Waterparks

Turns slippery areas into a non-slip safe and enjoyable surface, while updating the look with designs...The possibilities are endless

Golf Course Pathways

Give steeper slopes more grip and traction, making it safer for your patrons.


A great way to level shifted patio slabs and to hide those awful cracks. Its also pleasant on the bare feet.

Don't Have A Surface?

Using our rubber base system we can build things like walkways, patios and pool surrounds on areas that don't already have a surface. More convient and faster turn around that new concrete.

Indoor Applications

Great for basement floors, daycares, workout rooms, vet clinics and bar areas. Not only is it non-slip, it acts as an insulator and is noise cancelling.

safety dek playground


Surface designed to surpass C.S.A standards and fall height requirements. The safest play area surface for kids, and can be designed with different colours and shapes to give it a more fun look.

Designs and Logos

We can take your finished product a step further by adding borders, designs, or even a company logo.


We offer a variety or colour blends making it easier to match with colours of your surrounding areas.